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Cambridge is one of Britain's most prestigious academic cities. Its history can be traced back to the Stone Age. Situated on the River Cam it has been a place of trade and learning for hundreds of years. Cambridge University colleges are world renowned. In particular, St John's College. It features the famous  'Bridge of Sighs', built in 1831 over the Cam, which links the 19th-century New Court with the older part of the college. To be noted are the arched windows which are barred, supposedly to keep undergraduates in.

The city has a number of interesting museums that are well worth a visit, as well as many new and second-hand book shops.

Also well regarded is King's College (as seen opposite). The chapel of King's viewed from the Backs, with the 17th-century court of Clare's on the left and Gibb's 18th-century façade for the Great Court of King's, which was never completed.

Cambridge has many attractions; excellent restaurants and cafe's with an abundance of good food and a wide variety of interesting shops. Additionally there is plenty of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife all to be found around this graceful city.


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