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London capital city, business, cultural and historical heart of England. A 'not to be missed' for all who live in Britain, and come each year visit and to tour Britain.

It has much to offer the visitor, as Samuel Johnson wrote...
"When a man is tired of London
he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford".

There are so many famous sights to see amongst them: 

Buckingham Palace - the Queen's residence in London is one of the largest palaces in the world. The East Wing of Buckingham Palace, which incorporates the famous balcony, was refaced in Portland stone by A. Webb in 1913. He also envisaged the Queen Victoria Memorial seen in front. St James's Palace, home to Prince Charles, is close by.

And not to be missed, a short stroll along the Thames by the Houses of Parliament which provide chambers, lobbies and offices for the British Government and its politicians.

Cast in bronze is Queen Boudicca and her daughters riding in a chariot with Big Ben towering majestically over them.

London has many attractions; excellent restaurants and cafe's with an abundance of good food and a wide variety of interesting shops. Additionally there is plenty of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife all to be found around this graceful city.


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